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COPY-Cat shot in the head with an arrow healing nicely

Things are looking up for one Bulloch County feline who truly has nine lives. An update on a story WTOC first told you about, a cat shot in head with an arrow is now home and healing nicely.

WTOC went back to Gateway Animal Hospital to see how the cat is doing.

It is hard to believe, in just a few weeks, Whitey, the miracle cat, is opening his eyes and moving around after being shot in the head with an arrow.

Owner Lindsay Beasley is still in shock.

"He had lost so much blood, we didn't think there was a chance. It looked like it went through his brain and we didn't think there was a chance he could make it," said Beasley.

But he did, thanks to the staff at Gateway Animal Hospital. Whitey is now home but goes back to the office once or twice a week for check-ups.

While there's still a long road to recovery, it's a lot better than Beasley ever imagined.

"When it happened we thought he was going to loose that eye and now it's clear it doesn't bother him at all. He's a normal cat at home," said Beasley.

Lindsay told WTOC that after the first story aired she had emails, phone calls, and people donating money to help pay for Whitey's medical bills. She said the support was overwhelming.

"I know we wouldn't be able to do this without the community's help," said Beasley.

While police say the man responsible, Charles Phillips, was arrested on animal cruelty felony charges, Lindsay hopes Whitey's story sends an important message.

"This is our family and you need to know this is wrong. People are willing to fight for this little guy and help him anyway they can," said Beasley.

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