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Kroger holds job fair for former Schnucks employees

(WMC-TV) - As Kroger prepares to take over operation of Schnucks stores in Memphis, a job fair was held Wednesday specifically aimed for Schnucks employees.

The majority of Schnucks' 1,193 employees are applying with Kroger.  Pharmacists had interviews over the weekend, managers had interviews Tuesday, and everyone else packed the job fair.

"Bills come ever month, so you've got to pay them," said Eric Starks, whose wife is applying with Kroger.  "You can't just let them double up or triple up, because you look up, you're in a hole you can't get out of."

Starks' wife is among the Schnucks employees inside The Marriott hotel for the job fair.

"Hopefully, she'll get on with Kroger and we'll be all right, we can bounce back from this," said Starks.

Kroger Marketing Manager Joe Bell spoke with Action News 5 by phone.

"We're not making any major decisions on people or interviews until everyone is finished," said Bell.  "For those that apply, no, we will probably not have 100 percent opportunities for all of them, but we are trying very hard to offer as many of them as we possibly can opportunities."

Kroger hopes to reopen Schnucks stores under the new name quickly.

"We'll need a lot of people, and we'll need those pretty quickly," said Bell.  "So we need to be sensitive to the associates, the employees.  They don't know anything, we want to give them answers quickly."

Until then, there is uncertainty.

"Hope everything works out," said Starks.  "I'm pretty sure it will, but it's just... nothing's promised, you know?"

Those hired may not be placed at their old locations.  Kroger said some may fill positions in other stores, distribution centers, or elsewhere in the company.

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