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Hoarder dies; neighbors complaining about trash and smell

(WMC-TV) - A Tipton County woman is calling out for help after her neighbor died, leaving behind piles and piles of garbage outside.

Lori McMillon said her cough is not from seasonal allergies.

"Respiratory problems since it happened, can't get rid of this cough, my daughter's gone through two antibiotics," said McMillon.

She claims it is from the stench and piles of trash next door to her Mason, Tennessee home.

"The smell, rats, mice," she continued.

Two months ago, McMillon's neighbor was found dead inside her house.  Crews had to actually cut her out of the home, leaving a huge hole in front.

McMillon said the woman was a hoarder, and no one has come to clean up the mess left behind.

"I only cut the grass when I have to.  I smell like it when I go inside.  I've seen rats running from the mower, big rats, thought they were rabbits at first," said McMillon.

McMillon took pictures shortly after her neighbor died.  She said on top of the cans, bottles and other garbage in piles outside, the smell is overwhelming.

"I'm concerned that my house is saturated, my cars, when we go places do we smell that way?" she asked.

McMillon has talked to Tipton County officials about the unsightly mess.

Tipton County Mayor Jeff Huffman actually visited the home to see it for himself.  He said the county is working with the state department of health to try and get it cleaned up.

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