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Witnesses: Teen had leg severed by train

(WMC-TV) - A Germantown teen is recovering after witnesses said he was severely injured while playing a game of "chicken" with a train Saturday.

The teen is in critical condition.  He was apparently playing with friends when he tried to jump on the train.

Witnesses said the teen lost his leg.

Igor Kobas, the valet for Elfo Grisanti's, leapt into action when he heard screaming.

"I went over there, everyone was gathering around," said Kobas.  "Kid laying there, blood everywhere and his leg was missing.  I took my belt off and had to put it around his leg so he wouldn't lose blood, so he doesn't die out there."

"He was screaming at the top of his lungs and bleeding all over the place," Kobas continued.

Kobas said he held on tight to the belt until paramedics arrived.

"The train was still going by, his leg was still under the train," said Kobas.  "Half of his leg because it was all split in two."

Kobas said making the tourniquet was instinctual.

"My heart was racing," he said.  "Everyone was standing around not doing much.  I just did what I could."

The boy, who witnesses said was 15 years old, lost his leg from just below the knew down.

"It took a little while for the cops to get there because of the train," said Kobas.

The incident happened right as the Germantown Festival was ending at South Germantown Road and Southern.

"I guess he was playing with his buddies and tried to jump the train or something," said Kobas.

Kobas said he does not consider himself a hero.

"If it happened to me, someone would be there to help me I hope," he said.

Kobas' boss, Alex Grisanti, said he always knew his employees were special.

"The world needs more people like him," said Grisanti.  "Instead of people see things like that and run and yell, someone has to take responsibility and help somebody.  The world needs more kids like him."

Even after paramedics arrived, they asked Kobas to hold onto his belt.  Paramedics kept the belt on the teen as he was airlifted to the MED.

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