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Tipton County preschool students remember 9/11 in a very moving way

(WMC-TV) - Students and teachers at Austin Peay Elementary in Tipton County remembered 9/11 Monday in a very special way. 

Interestingly enough, none of the students involved were even alive when the terrorist attacks happened. 

The day began with a parade featuring patriotic sounds from the Brighton Middle School band. Inside, the Austin Peay Elementary school chorus continued the tribute.

"They can still understand what a hero is, and that police officers and firemen and military men and women are here to serve them, God, and country," teacher Megan Roberts said.

Pre-school students have held this 9/11 event for 10 years, starting the year of the attacks, and continuing ever since.

"What happened ten years ago will affect these children's lives, and so we want them to know the importance of knowing what goes on in our country, nation, and community," said Ann Burlison with Tipton County Schools.

Students started the day with a parade. Inside, students presented members of law enforcement with a banner in their honor.

"We just wanted our community - people that serve our community - to know that even though it was ten years ago, we still remember it and we still want to honor them," Roberts said.

School leaders say today's ceremony also serves as a way to highlight role models in our community.

"Instill in them a love and appreciation for our country and we want to help instill in them a sense of pride and patriotism," adds Burlison.

School officials say they'd like this ceremony to become a county-wide event and include all schools in the Tipton County School system.

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