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Perps try to rob undercover police officers in Southaven

(WMC-TV) - Several suspects are behind bars after they turned the tables on Southaven police officers trying to conduct an undercover sting.

The arrest of 18-year-old Martise Antoine Calcote and two other juveniles was not surprising to Jerry Ferguson.

"It just seems like young kids nowadays don't understand consequences for their actions," Ferguson said Tuesday.

The trio is charged with robbery and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony.

The undercover sting, which happened Friday night in the Brook Hollow area near Airways, was supposed to be an opportunity for officers to clean up the neighborhood. Instead, officers got a big surprise when the three suspects robbed two officers.

"They were approached by three who came up to the passenger's side and acted as if they had a gun up under their coat, and robbed them of their money," Southaven Police Chief Tom Long said.

According to Long, officers chased the suspects after they took off on foot.

"K-9 comes in on a track, county is assisting us with helicopters...first thing you know, you work it in until you find your suspects," he said.

Long said undercover operations like the one carried out Friday can be dangerous, but they are necessary to help rid the streets of drugs.

"If it's an undercover officer, they never know," Long said. "There have been three to four undercover officers killed in the last five years who just showed up with cash. They're there to buy drugs."

Ferguson agreed, saying it's a situation that now has him and other neighbors on guard.

"Start locking things up a little bit, that's about all I can do," he said.

Calcote's bond was set at $75,000.  We're told all three suspects could face trial as adults.

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