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Crews working to quickly convert old Schnucks to Kroger stores

(WMC-TV) - Just eight days after Kroger took possession of nine Schnucks stores in the Memphis area, the company is set to open four stores by this weekend.

Meanwhile, the transition crews are racing for the big reopen.

"They're trying to turn it around and open all these stores by the September 18th" said Tyler James with Mid-South Signs.

With the Schnucks signs still up on one side of the building and a Kroger sign going up on the other, the transition team at the former Schnucks on Union Avenue said they are no strangers to working under this kind of pressure.

"We pretty much work this fast all the time but just pay more attention to what we're doing as far as time and getting everything done by their schedule" said James.

The conversion involves changing out the shelving, replacing computer systems, and restocking the store with Kroger products.

James said they didn't get an advance notice.  They found out about their assignment at the same time as everyone else.

"We as a crew found out about it last week." he added.

Kroger employees said that many of them are working 12-hour shifts and some are even here from out of town to get the job done by the deadline.

With Wednesday's forecast of rain, the team working to get the Kroger sign complete said they are not taking any chances.  They have called in extra help.

"We usually work with a three man crew but today with the rain coming we decided to call in two more people just to get everything done by the deadline" said James.

The Kroger company is also shuffling to get 3,000 of their employees as well as hundreds of former Schnucks employees trained and ready to work by this Sunday.

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