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Hendersonville mother charged in deaths of twin infants

Lindsey Lowe Lindsey Lowe

A Hendersonville mother has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder after her twin newborn boys were found dead Wednesday at a home on Park Circle.

Lindsey Lowe, 25, was apprehended and is undergoing a medical evaluation. Hendersonville police say she is the lone suspect in the deaths of the children and is cooperating in the investigation.

According to Hendersonville detective Lt. Scott Ryan, Lowe's father found his grandsons dead and immediately called police.

Investigators say they have enough evidence to charge Lowe with two counts of first-degree murder, other than that police aren't saying much until the investigation is finished.

"It would be inappropriate for me to comment beyond what I've told you," Ryan said.

For the residents who live in the quiet subdivision, news of the crime hit too close to home. Andrew Dollar, who has four children, lives just down the street from where the infants were found.

"I just got a sinking feeling in my stomach, it's very heartbreaking. They are the only words I can think of right now," Dollar said.

The children's bodies were transported to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy.

From all appearances, Lindsey Lowe came from a stable, happy family.

Lowe graduated three years ago from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Interior Design. She was a sorority girl with hundreds of friends on her Facebook page. 

Her mother, Paula Lowe, wrote on her Facebook page that Lindsey and her younger sister were close growing up and that both were involved in swim team, dancing, singing performances and cheerleading.

Lindsey's mother wrote that Lindsey is engaged to John Brooks and that recently Lindsey and John managed a Halloween Express store in Memphis. Her mother writes "I have a very amazing family" and mentioned she was proud that her daughters are close.

Nowhere in the sister's tweets or in Lindsey's or her mother's Facebook pages was there any mention that Lindsey was pregnant with the twins.

Lindsey lists the Bible under her favorite books.

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