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Former cop who lied about shooting out of hospital

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis police sergeant who lied about who shot him out of the hospital. Thursday morning, a lone unmarked cruiser sat parked outside Sgt. Norman Benjamin's Bartlett-area house.

The two plain clothes investigators who eventually left declined to elaborate on their assignment.

Meanwhile, the Memphis Police Department acknowledged the officers' presence, but said in a written statement, "The exact nature of the investigation is unknown."

When Action News 5 knocked on Benjamin's door, Memphis Police Association Vice President Michael Williams answered, with a brief explanation.

"I was just here to check on his well-being, just to make sure that he was okay," Williams said.

Williams was inside with Benjamin during the officers' visit, but declined to provide his impression of what he describes as a very sensitive subject.

On September 3rd, Benjamin was shot in the line of duty.  But police say he lied about how it happened.

"I would not like to speak for Officer Benjamin," Williams said. "You know, if he wants to answer the door he can, and if he does not, then evidently he does not want to speak."

The MPD's investigation remains open as Benjamin's recovery continues at home.

"I can just say that he is doing better," Williams said.

The FBI says it was contacted about this case, but agents say they cannot comment on whether they opened an investigation.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says it is not involved.

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