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Munford woman upset with speeding along her neighborhood street

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South woman is fed up with speeding problems in her town. 

She says she watches it happen all day, every day in Munford Tennessee.

Betty Anderson, who says she watches speeding all day, every day in Munford, claims she's been to the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council to try and stop the speeders. But she hasn't had much luck. 

It doesn't take long for drivers along Bass Street in Munford to know that Anderson is tired of speeders in front of her house.

Anderson says the speeders aren't just driving cars.

"Everyday, we have 23 buses that come by, and every afternoon, at about ten till three, they're speeding, on cell phones, and they're all loaded with children," she said

Anderson and her husband have lived on Bass Street for nearly three years. She says drivers pay no attention to the twenty mile per hour speed limit posted at the top of the hill.

"My mother is ninety-one years old and walks up and down the road with her helper, and I live in fear she'll be hit by a car," she said.

Munford Police Chief Jim Harger says there are only two patrol officers on duty per shift. He's caught speeders, including school buses going 28 miles per hour and cars going 32 mile per hour in the 20 mile per hour zone along Bass Street.

Other neighbors like Ron Bailey speeding isn't the only issue.

"We have 18 wheelers running up and down here, and they have no respect for speed at all," he said

Anderson says police are doing what they can to patrol the area, but its just not enough.

"But just as quick as police leave, they start again," she said.

Anderson said she is willing to pay higher taxes if it means more officers will be on the streets watching out for speeders and other violators.

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