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Understanding the “She-conomy”

SAN DIEGO (KNSD/NBC) - Women are emerging as a dominate force as the economy moves from manufacturing to service and management.

George Belch, a marketing professor at San Diego State University, says the influence of women in today's economy is so profound it has its own name: She-conomy.

Today, women outnumber men on most college campuses and are equal to men in the workforce.

And studies show that women could soon make up a greater percentage of white collar professionals.

"We are moving from a manufacturing economy to more of a service and a management economy. And as we move there, women are better trained to take on those particular positions," Belch said.

The she-conomy is becoming so widespread that some people are actually concerned that men might be left behind.

"Young men aren't as motivated, there not working as hard. They're not going to college at the same rate that women, are and we are just seeing this fundamental shift," Belch said.

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