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Man survives two days stuck in wrecked car

GRAVES COUNTY, KY (WPSD/NBC) - A Kentucky woman was killed and her husband injured after a Friday morning collision - but the pair weren't found for two days.

Heather and Roger Henson, 25, were driving south around 11 a.m. when they crossed over a guardrail and into a creek just a few feet out of view from the road. The car rolled onto its back in the collision.

"Even our troopers travel down this road all the time, and they didn't see anything," said Dean Patterson of the Kentucky State Police.

The pair was found after a passing motorist found a cell phone in the road and went to investigate. When troopers arrived at the scene, they found two occupants who they believed were deceased.

"When we got the car kind of turned to a place where we were going to begin to take the top off with the Jaws of Life, that's when we saw his [Roger's] foot move," said Patterson. "And then we could actually hear him, he was asking for water."

Roger had been in the car for at least two days before state police were notified. He was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries before being transferred to a facility in Nashville, TN.

The cause of the collision is still unknown.

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