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Couple ties the knot in hospital after wedding plans go awry

MIAMI (WSVN/CNN) - It wasn't the fairy tale wedding a bride and groom dreamed of after they recently faced the "in sickness" part of the vows before their wedding.

The 11-month-old daughter of Rebecca Jackson and Alan Hemmings fell seriously ill while the couple was in Mexico for their wedding.

Instead of getting married, they immediately boarded a flight to the U.S. to get their daughter treatment.

"The first doctor who came up to us said she needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible, and we got straight into a taxi and went there. From that moment, nothing else mattered. We had no luggage at all," Jackson said.

They left everything in their hotel room, including Jackson's wedding dress, and hopped a plane to Miami.

A week later, their daughter got a clean bill of health from the doctors. And a hospital nurse launched a plan.

"They said 'Well, today would have been our wedding.' I already knew the background story of what had happened and I said 'Well would you still like it to be today?" Ana Couceiro said.

Couceiro and some helpers got everything, decorations, cake, even a dress, in two hours, and the couple exchanged vows in the hospital.

It might not have been the wedding they'd planned, but Jackson and Hemmings are celebrating something sweeter… a life saved.

"She got healed and she's back, thanks to everybody here," Jackson said.

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