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Farmer taking on coyotes

HAVERHILL, MA (WCVB/CNN) – A farmer is ready to take action against a group of coyotes after they attacked and killed his prized buffalo.  

Haverhill, MA, farmer Tyler Kimball is ready to protect his stock from coyotes by killing each coyote crosses his path.

"I am going to be very vigilant, get out early and late evenings to check for coyotes, and when I see a coyote, I am going to shoot him," Kimball said.

In his family for 191 years, Kimball's farm-raised beef and dairy cows, chickens and now buffalo are prized because the meat is so lean. The buffalo he lost was his newest.

"Just paid $1,200 for the buffalo two months ago," Kimball said. "She was going to be worth $3,000 to $4,000."

Seven years ago, coyotes killed some of his stock; he killed 17 coyotes that year.

"They are opportunistic; as soon as they got that one separated, they ran her into the swamp, attacked and ate her," Kimball said.

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