Two employees help steal $28,000 from Incredible Pizza Company

(WMC-TV) - Two suspects were arrested after stealing $28,000 from Incredible Pizza Company on Germantown Parkway.

On September 11, Investigators said the back door was left unlocked and the correct alarm code was punched in at Incredible Pizza Company.  The surveillance system was blacked out with spray paint.

The suspect had the combination to the safe and took $28,000 in cash.

Police said Stephen and Kevin Ross assisted in the robbery.  Stephen Ross is the director of food services at Incredible Pizza Company and allegedly traded information that provided easy access in exchange for $2,000 of the total take.

Kevin Ross, also an Incredible Pizza Company employee, allegedly agreed to buy spray paint in exchange for $3,000 of the total take.

Stephen and Kevin Ross live in an apartment complex three-tenths of a mile away from Incredible Pizza Company.

A neighbor said he was surprised to hear of the arrest.

"I've seen them in Incredible Pizza uniform," said the neighbor.  "Never know who you're living around."

An affidavit of complaint lists another employee as a third, unnamed suspect.

Court records indicate Stephen and Kevin Ross did not get their share and the $28,000 has not been recovered.  Police said they have not made any other arrests in this case at this point.

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