Supreme Court sustains new trial for Freshwater

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The Tennessee Supreme Court has let stand an appellate court's decision to overturn the 1969 murder conviction of Margo Freshwater.

The high court's ruling in the 1966 Shelby County killing during the robbery of a liquor store was released Thursday, according to The Commercial Appeal.

Freshwater is now 63. She was 18 when Hillman Robbins was fatally shot.

The Court of Criminal Appeals ruled in May that jurors who convicted Freshwater might have judged differently had they known her co-defendant Glenn Nash claimed he was the only shooter. Nash was found incompetent to stand trial.

The appellate court ruling that Freshwater must receive a new trial stands.

Freshwater escaped from prison in 1970 and was recaptured in Columbus, Ohio, in 2002, living under the name Tonya McCartor.

Information from: The Commercial Appeal,

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