Marathon Heater announces jobs coming to Brownsville

(WMC-TV) - A major jobs announcement is coming out of Brownsville that could provide a boost to the region's economy.

For residents like Annette Taylor, getting back to work is a good thing.

"I was laid off about two years and the Lord just opened the door and Haywood Element reopened," said.

Taylor is one of a handful employees already on the job at Marathon Heater in Brownsville. The company, which makes heating elements, recently announced it will relocate to a 42,000 square foot facility in Brownsville's industrial park.

"We do everything from inside your oven, to hot tubs, to overhead heating to industrial applications," saidMarathon Haywood's John Flinn.

"We're talking a $1.2 million investment, a total of 60 jobs to start with, and that doubles the jobs that were here before," added Joe Ing of the Brownsville-Haywood County Chamber of Commerce.

Marathon officials hope that by the end of this year, they'll be up and running at full capacity here at their new facility in Brownsville. Within 12 months, company officials hope to have doubled the workforce.

Chamber officials credit teamwork among the city, county, and Marathon to get the new facility to Brownsville.

Ing hopes for even more jobs sooner rather than later.

"We hope 200 someday. I talked to Mike Robb, the owner of Marathon - we were gonna wait 30 days before we start talking expansion," he says.

An expansion Annette Taylor and others are glad to see.

"I'm thankful," she said. "I consider myself blessed."

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