New Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor causes controversy

(WMC-TV) - The latest special edition flavor ice cream from Ben & Jerry's is causing a stir.

"Schweddy Balls" is a light rum and vanilla base ice cream with malt balls and rum balls.  The inspiration for the flavor was a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, owner of a holiday bakery.

A Mississippi conservative group, One Million Moms, called the new flavor vulgar and repulsive and worries about the message the new flavor sends kids.

A Ben & Jerry's spokesperson said the company was not trying to offend, but just trying to have a sense of humor.

"It's irreverent," said Sean Greenwood with Ben & Jerry's.  "I think if you know Saturday Night Live, it you watch the skit, it's not just a name we put on there to shock people.  That doesn't help us as a business."

Officials at One Million Moms asked the public to send correspondence to Ben & Jerry's public relations manager to request that no additional batches of the ice cream be distributed.

Ben & Jerry's plans to keep the flavor on shelves and in ice cream shops through January, but said it could last longer if it continues to sell well.

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