Investigators searching for missing DeSoto Co. woman

(WMC-TV) - The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help in finding a missing woman.

Michelle Legg pleaded for people who know something about what happened to her cousin, 50-year-old Sherry Smith Percival, to come forward.

"Not knowing is the worst case," said Legg.

The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department put up flyers for the missing DeSoto County woman.  Legg said she went by the name Percival.

"It's not like her to not keep in touch with some family member," said Legg.

Legg said family members last saw Percival Memorial Day weekend.  The sheriff's department said her boyfriend was the last one to see her in early June, but he did not report her missing.

Legg said her mother, Percival's aunt, finally started putting the pieces together early this month.

"My mom thought she was calling my aunt, my aunt thought she was calling my dad, and my dad thought she was calling her sister," she said.  "So after everyone talked and realized no one had been contacted, the health department had called my aunt about her medicine not being picked up, her phone wasn't being answered, and we started talking as family and then we decided we needed to try to go on our own."

Their search brought them to Handshake Lounge in Eudora, Mississippi, where her boyfriend said he last saw her.

"He said the last time he saw her is when he dropped her off at the Handshake," said Legg.

A regular at the Handshake Lounge told Action News 5 the last time she saw Percival, she was leaving with her boyfriend.

The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is treating this as a missing persons case.  A spokesperson said he could not give any information about the case because it is an active investigation.

If you know anything that could help investigators, call Crime Stoppers at (662) 429-TIPS.

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