Lawsuit: Kidney transplant spread Hep C

PITTSBURG, PA (WPXI/NBC) - A Pennsylvania couple has filed a negligence lawsuit against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian Hospital and University of Pittsburgh Physicians.

The lawsuits allege that UPMC allowed an April 2011 transplant to proceed, even though tests had shown the kidney was infected with Hepatitis C.

The lawsuits were filed by Michael Yocabet and Christina Mecannic, partners who have been together for 21 years.

She donated the kidney to him, and the lawsuit claims UPMC didn't tell either of them Mecannic's kidney was infected until after the transplant.

"I was devastated," Mecannic said. "When they told me, I was actually in shock and totally devastated."

Mecannic says she is a nurse and suspects that she contracted the disease from one of her patients.

After the incident, UPMC shut down the transplant program for two months but didn't explain why at the time.

UPMC officials said a surgeon and nurse were disciplined.

A UPMC spokeswoman released a statement saying:

"We sincerely regret the human error that caused this situation however any allegation of a cover-up is completely false. Once the error was discovered, UPMC disclosed the information to the patients involved and UNOS. We voluntarily suspended our live-donor program and have fully complied with all investigations. The well-being of our patients remains our highest priority."

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