Church gives $30K to worshipers

MORRISTOWN, NJ (NEWS 12 NJ/CNN) - A New Jersey pastor gave $30,000 to his congregation, and then asked them to pay it forward.

Minutes after the Liquid Church congregation took up an offering, the pastor passed out buckets with envelopes inside.

"Every single one is going to reach in and take out one envelope, OK," said Tim Lucas, pastor.

Each envelope contained $10, $20, or $50.

"We usually give to church," said Rafael Zayas, a churchgoer. "Church doesn't tend to give to us back."

The church gave out a total of $30,000. Lucas called it a spiritual stimulus package. He asked parishioners to trust that God, not the government – will provide economic recovery.

"It's not throwaway. It's not a waste. We believe that their creative talents are going to use it in a way that benefits the entire neighborhood," Lucas said. "You're wheels are spinning. I'm already thinking of ways - because I have a neighbor who was flooded out by Hurricane Irene."

Lucas challenged the congregation to think out of the box: to be creative and compassionate.

"There's one woman in our congregation who makes these designer cakes - like the Cake Boss. She'll take the $50, buy the raw ingredients - bake this designer cake, but she turns around and sold that for $400 to$500, she's going to use that to feed the homeless in Paterson this fall," Lucas said.

The church hopes that the $30,000 they gave away at church will grow and help the community.

Congregants were told if they needed the money, to use it, or perhaps pay a bill.

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