Caught on camera: 'Dog'-on traffic jam

PORTLAND, OR (KATU/CNN) - A little dog caused a big traffic problem in Portland, OR, and it was all caught on camera.

Mango's big adventure started on I-84 in Portland, OR, where she caused traffic to come to a halt while she contemplated hopping into an SUV, then backed out and zipped around another car.

People jumped out of their cars to help as she weaved across the freeway.

Mango's owner, Dan Dowdy, tried to grab her with a blanket in hand, but he fell hard on the pavement instead.

"So many people picked me up when I tried to catch her," Dowdy said. "A lot of people seen it, my famous touchdown dive that blew it."

Mango finally exited I-84 and sprinted toward a local high school.

That's where KATU photographer Sean Broderick tracked the runaway while she decided to take a breather.  

"I think it's kind of a funny, little tiny dog," Marni Fuller said. "Everyone's parked on 84, and she's got a big smile on her face."

But her practical joke didn't stop there.  Dowdy showed up at the high school and tried to coax her, but again Mango ran off.

"Come here, Mango, come here, come see mama. Let's go see mama," Dowdy said.

Mango was found hiding behind the high school, and just as animal control showed up, so did Linda Dowdy.

"Come here, baby," she said. "Come here, oh yeah."

Luckily for Mango, her journey ended with a sweet reunion.

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