Cheesehead-sporting grim reaper disses cheese

MILWAUKEE, WI (WTMJ/CNN) - Many people don't realize cheeseheads are a copyrighted item. The creator is offended that a physician's group is using his product to say that cheese is bad for you.

A rendition of a billboard set to go up on Highway 41 near Green Bay, WI, claims that cheese can sack your health. It's what a grim reaper is wearing on the billboard that's churning up a lot of controversy.

"They chose to use our hat in an ad which we take exception to," said Ralph Bruno, the Foamation owner.

The group, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, is behind the billboard and said cheese is dangerous because it has more saturated fat than any other food.

"We think this is where the education is most needed because a lot of people have their livelihood tied up in cheese," said Dan Kinburn, attorney for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The group is only putting up one billboard in the country, arguing it's where it will have the biggest impact.

"It's a parody. We're not denigrating the cheesehead," Kinburn said.

The group's attorney argues it's free speech and that it does not violate copyright laws, but Bruno said it does.

"It cuts right to the heart," he said. "Going to Wisconsin and trying to defame cheese, it just doesn't make sense."

Bruno said he's not looking to get money out of the group, he just wants the billboard taken down.

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