Women arrested for impersonating IRS agents

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police busted several women Tuesday who were posing as IRS agents in an identity theft scam.

According to court records, the women told one victim they were IRS agents and could give him an additional refund if he gave them his social security number.

"The people out here were telling me, 'You want to sign these papers and get $400 dollars from Obama.  He's supposed to be giving away some kind of grant through the IRS,'" said Robert Williams, who fell victim to the scheme.

Officers first noticed the women while responding to a 'suspicious person' call in the 200 block of North Lauderdale. When officers arrived on the scene to talk to the suspects, they saw the women walking up to different people, carrying clipboards.

Officers asked the women for identification. The suspects, including Rugayya Hakim and Tsiidzoyedu Chiwocha, told them they worked for the IRS and were helping people get money.  

But when officers asked for business cards or government ID, neither one was able to provide proof.

"They didn't have name tags on them, so they gave me a business card," Williams said. "I called the business card. They told me the mailbox was full."

Investigators said the suspects also gave their victims a phone number for a woman named "Tina" to contact regarding their refund who no one could identify.

Officers arrested the women, as well as three other suspect, and seized several applications and notebooks that contained social security numbers, names and other personal information.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.

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