Woman adopts 140-pound tortoise

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN/CNN) - A Texas woman is the proud owner of a new pet that she puts to work as a landscaper - a 140-pound tortoise.

Resident Sandy Brown said her new pet tends to her yard.

"When they said he would mow the grass, I thought, 'Sold! This pet I need,'" she said.

Brown adopted the tortoise that she is temporarily calling "baby" from a local exotic pet store. Baby was delivered to her home three weeks ago.

"I would call him more of a weed eater because he likes to go around the perimeter and cleans it as he goes," she said.

Baby is paid well for his work in the yard. One of his favorite treats is lettuce and he gets it a few times a day. As a native to the Sahara desert, triple digit temperatures are no match for this tortoise.

"He'll cool himself off by getting in the shade," Brown said.

At night, he retires to this posh home his parents called a contractor to build.

"It is all insulated. Finished inside. All I need is furniture," Brown said.

Baby surprisingly can move at a quick pace. He's escaped from the yard twice, and it took a forklift to bring him back.

"There is no validity to the tortoise and the hare because he can move," Brown said.

Baby also plays as hard as he works. He likes to hang out with his pet siblings and giving rides on his shell, which can handle up to 100 pounds.

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