Miniature donkey fatally shot

BEND, OR (KTVK/CNN) – An Oregon woman is sad and angry after someone killed her beloved pet donkey, leaving her to die in a pasture alone.

"It's upsetting, it makes me angry and it's confusing," said donkey owner Karen Skye. "It's inconceivable that somebody would intentionally, as it looks intentionally, park their car walk up there, take a gun and shoot her between the eyes."

Skye made the gruesome discovery last Thursday when she went to feed her pint-sized donkeys.

"Little Cloud wasn't coming with her mom like they always do," Skye said. "They always follow me out the shed where I throw hay out, and she wasn't with her, so I knew something was wrong."

After searching her property, Skye found Little Cloud leaning against a fence that runs alongside the road. Skye says it was not a normal place for Little Cloud to be, and someone had to have called her there.

"Little Cloud is the one that would respond to that, not Liberty," Skye said. "Unfortunately, that was probably to her detriment, well obviously to her detriment."

Skye says she knows finding Little Cloud's killer will not bring the tiny donkey back, but she worries if the shooter is not caught, more animals could be targeted or even people.

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