Firefighter criticized for harsh Facebook comments about Frayser

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis firefighter found himself under fire Friday for comments he made last August on Facebook.

Frayser Community development leaders were looking for an apology from Memphis firefighter and union leader Robert Kramer, Junior.

In a status update posted to Facebook on August 18, Kramer wrote, "There is a rainbow that looks like it arcs right into the heart of Frayser on the way to work this morning.  The only gold in Frayser is in people's mouth."

Deandre Brown, who runs the Frayser-based group Lifeline to Success, was appalled.

"I could not believe that someone in a position of leadership would actually say such a thing on Facebook," Brown said.

Community leader Charlie Caswell was also angered.

"You're putting down the community that you're working in," he said.

Also on August 18, Kramer responded to a post by a friend who suggested buying someone a helmet. "I'll look for one at one of the retard schools in Frayser tomorrow," he wrote.

"Our children have to live with the perception that they are retards in their school system," Caswell said.

Kramer is not only a firefighter, he is also a division representative on the Firefighter Union Executive Board.

"I've know Robert for 14 years and I would say when the bell rings Robert will do his job, not only a hundred percent but he'll go above and beyond," said Joe Norman of the Memphis Firefighter's Association.

But Frayser residents aren't so sure, and they want an apology.

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