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Holly Bobo's family expresses frustration


Inside Holly Bobo's home, Holly's mother Karen Bobo starts each day the same way, with a call to the TBI.

"I call every day and ask 'is there anything you can tell me today,'" Bobo said.

For the last two months, she's been getting the same reply.

"Of course their answer is not today. We're just not hearing anything and of course almost six months into it just gets more frustrating every day and harder every day," Bobo said.

That's not the only thing frustrating the Bobo's. First there are the constant rumors, calls and visits from psychics claiming they have answers, and even friends wanting to help.

"I do kind of get in these panic attacks when I have to leave the house. Being out in public and thinking everybody is looking at me," she said.

Perhaps worst of all, Bobo said, are the vicious accusations against Holly's younger brother Clint Bobo.

"They don't know all the facts because, if they knew the facts, they would not be pointing the finger," Bobo said.

In fact, Bobo thinks that's what Holly's country singer cousin, Whitney Duncan, was tweeting about when she recently expressed anger with investigators.

"Any time anybody speaks negatively about Clint, Whitney is extremely defensive toward that," Bobo said.

Duncan later took the comment down and tweeted she was "frustrated as you can imagine any family would be."

Bobo said they'll stay that way until today ends and tomorrow investigators bring new answers.

"I want that day to hurry up and get over so that the next day can roll around and I can ask them 'anything you can tell me today?' hoping one day that there will be something. It will not go away until Holly is home with us," she said.

Recently community members planned a "birthday bash" for Holly's upcoming 21st birthday.  Family members got wind of it and nipped it in the bud. They said they don't want to celebrate anything until Holly is back home.

Bobo asked that anyone wishing to plan events or fundraisers contact the family first.

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