Holly Bobo's mother contacts TBI every day

(WMC-TV) - The parents of missing West Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo said they call the TBI every day hoping for a clue to their daughter's disappearance.

The waiting and not knowing has been painful for the Bobo family.  They said they have faced rumors from people in the area and constant speculation.

"I do kind of get in tense panic attacks when I have to leave the house, and of course I can have my house phone forwarded to my cell phone, but I still have a real problem with that or being out in public and thinking everybody is looking at me," said Holly Bobo's mother Karen Bobo.

Holly Bobo's brother, Clint Bobo, has been the target of most of the speculation.  He is the last person who saw her being led into the woods by her house.

Clint Bobo's cousin, country music singer Whitney Duncan, recently tweeted about the speculation around him.

"They don't know all the facts, because if they knew the facts, they would not be pointing the finger," said Karen Bobo.  "Anytime anybody speaking negatively about Clint, Whitney is extremely defensive about that."

For Karen Bobo, the lack of information has been unbearable and dealing with the public eye is difficult.  Trips to the salon turn into a spectacle, and she now has to get her hair done after hours.

Karen Bobo said she checks in with the TBI every day.

"I call every day and ask, "is there anything you can tell me today?'" said Karen Bobo.

And for the last two months, she has been getting the same reply.

"Of course, their answer is, 'not today,'" she said.  "We're just not hearing anything, and of course, almost six months into it, it just gets more frustrating every day and harder every day."

Investigators have said they believe Holly Bobo's abductor lives in or near the 20-year-old college student's town of Parsons, Tennessee.

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