Missing teen may be with man she met on Facebook

(WMC-TV) - Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for a missing teen who investigators think could have run off with a man she met on Facebook.

Melanie Flores, the mother of 15-year-old Christine Flores, said she has not slept since she last saw her daughter when she left for work Tuesday morning.

"Christine, if you are watching this, please come home," said Melanie Flores.

When Melanie Flores got home, her daughter was not there.

"She hasn't contacted us," said her cousin Ana Alip.  "She hasn't come home yet."

Christine Flores was home schooled at Alip's nearby home.  The day she disappeared was not a day she was scheduled to do any school work.

The family said her father sits at a front window and watches every night, hoping his daughter will show up.

Her family said Christine Flores has never run away before, but could be with a man from Virginia.  Detectives said she may have met the man on Facebook, and there was a missed phone call to the house from Virginia.

The Flores family said the only think missing was her iPod.  She did not pack any clothes.

"She didn't even bring her purse or anything," said Melanie Flores.

The teen's family said she suffered from depression a couple of years ago, but was on medication and did not appear to have any problems.

Christine Flores is 5-1 and weighs 95 pounds.  If you have any information about her whereabouts, call the sheriff's department at 901-379-7625.

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