Council Chairman asks City Attorney to look into firefighter's Facebook posts

(WMC-TV) - Facebook comments by a Memphis Fire union leader have sparked a firestorm of controversy.

"These are condescending, racially tinged remarks about a district that I represent," Memphis City Council member Kemp Conrad said.

The status on Robert Kramer, Junior's personal Facebook page on May 6 read, "Something else I learned in Frayser. Hood dogs wanna smell like hood dogs, not Dial Ultimate Clean Hair + Body Wash."

On August 18, Kramer wrote, "There is a rainbow that looks like it arcs right into the heart of Frayser on the way to work this morning. The only gold in Frayser is in people's mouth. "

August 25th, a Facebook user mentioned a search for a helmet. The reply from Kramer's profile: "I'll look for one at one of the retard schools in Frayser tomorrow."

Conrad expressed outrage at the posts.

"Quite frankly, it's unacceptable," he said.

Friday, Kramer's supervisor, Lieutenant Larry Boothby, sent a letter to Memphis City Council Chairman Myron Lowery defending his employee, saying Kramer has made a "…tremendous commitment to the Frayser neighborhood…"

Boothby noted that Kramer once went door to door to "…spread the word about infant mortality, and is "…a positive role model for the children we interact with."

Lowery responded, "Can you justify those comments?"

Friday, after Action News 5's 5pm report about Kramer's Facebook posts, Lowery sent an e-mail to his peers announcing, "I have asked our city attorney to look into Robert Kramer and his Facebook comments."

Now, a new post has surfaced from Kramer's Facebook page, with a comment from the Facebook profile of his supervisor - Lieutenant Larry Boothby.

Kramer's profile shows a food item called "Cravin' Asian." A comment under the photo from Boothby's profile reads, "Youngthinho"

"I know it's offensive to the 10 other people on the City Council who represent parts of Frayser," Conrad said.

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