10 arrested for violence on Beale Street

(WMC-TV) - A week after six people were shot outside a Beale Street nightclub, Memphis police arrested 10 people for violence on Beale Street early Sunday morning.

Officers used pepper spray on Antonio Davis, who is accused of head butting an officer.

Stephanie Wooten was charged with disorderly conduct.  Witnesses said she caused a disturbance inside Club 152 that spilled out onto the street.

Wooten is accused of punching and biting security officers.

Jason Jones was held inside Blues City Cafe while yelling insults and vulgarities at officers.

"Some stuff is going to happen at any entertainment venue, especially when you have restaurants and nightclubs and things like that," said Jeff Gross with Blues City Cafe.

A week before, six people had to be taken to the hospital after they were shot in the parking lot next to Club Crave.

Memphian Cassandra Askew visited Beale Street for the first time Monday.

"I never took the time to come here," said Askew.  "This is the first time taking a trolley down here.  The police and the surveillance they have here.  I feel really safe."

Paul Town was visiting Beale Street from England.

"It seems safe enough for me," said Town.  "We've only just arrived.  We may be ignorant English, we don't know what we are doing."

District Attorney Amy Weirich is looking at all the incidents on Beale Street to determine if there is a problem at one particular club or venue.

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