Former charter school teacher charged with statutory rape

Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson

(WMC-TV) - A former teacher at a Memphis charter school has been charged with statutory rape.

Joshua Johnson, 28, a former teacher at Soulsville Charter School, is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure.  He is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student in June.

According to court records, the female student told investigators she had consensual sexual intercourse with Johnson.

"A child is a child and an adult is an adult," said Joyce Grimes, who lives near the school. "The teacher has a responsibility to teach the child.  Whether the child agreed or not, it's still wrong."

The student stated she and Johnson had sex at her house in her bed a total of three times. The last time was in July. Police say they also found several text messages on the teen's phone, which spoke of a sexual relationship.

Tim Sampson, with the Soulsville Foundation, says school officials are handling the matter accordingly.

"We are handling this internally," Sampson said. "He is one of our former teachers who is no longer here, and was not here when this allegedly happened."

Meanwhile, residents were outraged by the news.

"These teachers and whoever else are having affiliations with younger people need to realize they're still babies, and they need to keep their distance from them and do what they're paid to do - teach, and that's it," Charles Smith said.

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