Physics students at Ridgeway High forced online

(WMC-TV) - Class canceled...that's what dozens of Ridgeway High School students heard last week when it came time for Physics class.

Parents like Gail Rayford were concerned Tuesday about Memphis City School's decision not to have Physics at Ridgeway taught by a live classroom teacher.

"I would prefer my child have a teacher, that way if they had a problem they can go directly to the teacher and talk, as opposed to the talking to a computer," Rayford said.

Due to declining student enrollment, budget constraints and staffing adjustments, school officials say the course and lab will have to be taught online this year.

"A lot of people don't have computers and want computers but can't afford it, or they want the internet at home and can't afford that," Rayford said.

Last week, over 30 students enrolled in Physics at Ridgeway were told the class had been dissolved and they would receive no credit for the partial quarter.  

A Memphis City Schools spokesperson said Physics is not a requirement for the school to maintain it's International Baccalaureate program status. And, Physics is also an elective course not required by the state of Tennessee to graduate.

Meanwhile, some students who have already applied to colleges and decided not take the course online say they must now notify the admissions office at each college that they are no longer enrolled in Physics.

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