Man at center of Chancery Court probe written up multiple times

(WMC-TV) – A personnel file is providing new information about the man at center of the Shelby County Chancery Court embezzlement probe.

A Shelby County Audits and Ethics investigation concluded former Chancery Court bookkeeper Brandon Gunn wrote $1.1 million in checks to his personal business account from the court's tax delinquent surplus fund.

Gunn's personnel file shows a pattern of problems with the court's money that taxpayers may eventually have to replace.

According to the file, Gunn got the job in April 2005. Over the first two years, his performance reviews fell from "competent" to "below expectation." Still, his salary increase during that time.

Gunn was first written up in August of 2006 over a "release of funds" he did not properly record. Most areas of weakness in that disciplinary action involved funds and checks.

In December of 2007, Gunn was written up again and suspended without pay for two days, after he failed to close out the Chancery Court register, causing an unidentified shortfall in cash.

Gunn's personnel file does not reflect another violation of county policy uncovered by the ethics investigation.

According to county investigators, Gunn and his immediate supervisor, court manager Veronica Nelson, had an inappropriate relationship - exchanging intimate emails. They discussed trips to Dallas, Miami, Little Rock and Nashville.

The e-mails, written during court hours, described gifts Gunn bought Nelson, including undergarments, plane tickets, manicures and more.

On April 6, 2011, the court's Chief Administrator, Wanda Wright, wrote Gunn a letter confirming that he told her that he wanted to resign. Wright then filed a complaint against Gunn for the questionable activities.

On April 15, 2011, Gunn resigned from his position.

Nelson resigned in June.

No one has been charged in the FBI probe of Chancery Court. The state of Tennessee is also investigating.

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