Firefighter's apology accepted by Frasyer community leaders

(WMC-TV) - An apology made by a Memphis firefighter who based the Frayser community has been accepted, community leaders said Wednesday.

DeAndre Brown of Frayser's 'Lifeline, Incorporated' community outreach program said area leaders had a sit-down with Memphis fire fighter Robert Kramer, Junior.

"We are satisfied that he is remorseful for the comments that he made," Brown said. "He realizes that in the position that he had, those comments were irresponsible."

The apology came after Kramer made several comments about Frayser on his Facebook page, including, "There is a rainbow that looks like it arcs right into the heart of Frayser on the way to work this morning. The only gold in Frayser is in people's mouth.

"Although we do accept that apology, comments like those will not be tolerated because we have done so much hard work," Brown said. "We've dedicated our lives to making Frayser better.  So for somebody who worked in this community and was receiving the tax dollars from this neighborhood, it was a bit appalling to hear comments like that."

Brown said though they accepted Kramer's apology, they were not soft on the issue.

"We recommended that he be removed from Frayser," Brown said. "We also recommended that after being removed that he step down from his executive position on the Executive Board for the fire union."

Both conditions were granted, but the Frayser leaders did ask the fire director to spare Kramer's job.

"We believe that it would be an overshoot to remove him from his position, because we don't want anyone in these economic times to have to look for another job," Brown said.

Larry Anthony of the Memphis Fire Union said forgiveness is a positive reflection on Frayser.

"It shows what kind of people they are; what kind of community they are. It shows what kind of leadership they have," Anthony said.

Kramer was moved to the fire station that serves President's Island.

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