Students may be forced to pay for damage to Ole Miss dorm

(WMC-TV) - "Plain Filth."

That's how some are describing the living conditions at one of the Freshman dorms on the Ole Miss campus. Recent acts of vandalism in the Kincannon dorm have some students outraged.

"It is pretty nasty," said Tyler Winkelmann, a student at the school.

"There was some urine on the floor, and some trash in the toilet," said Lorinda Krhut, Director of Student Housing and Residence Life at Ole Miss. 'Some garbage cans had been turned over."

Since school officials have not been able to determine if residents or guests were responsible for the mess, so the Department of Student Housing has put a ban on visitation until October 10th.

"That's a real bummer," said Ole Miss student Ryan Krispin. "I've got a lot of friends around that I like hanging around with at the dorms. Now we have to meet up somewhere else and hang out or do homework or something like that."

Krhut said students have until Friday, October 7th to take responsibility for the damage or identify those who are responsible.  If not, then every resident of Kincannon will be billed for the damage.

"If we can't identify who caused the damage, then the cost of repair is equally assessed to the individuals living in that community," she said.

That decision has left students with sour feelings.

"It really sucks," Winkelmann said. "If I have to pay for it, I'm going to be really upset.

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