Checks temporarily not accepted at some MLGW payment locations

(WMC-TV) - Paying your utility bill in Memphis just got more difficult. Thursday, MLGW said checks will no longer be accepted for bills at some payment locations in Memphis.

That news has customers like Sylvester Watts concerned.

"They're going to take away some of your conveniences, and then charge you more for it," Watts said. "I can see that happening."

According to MLGW spokesperson Glen Thomas, the utility is in the process of changing the vendor that handles payments made at certain locations.

"MLGW uses payment vendors - third party vendors - in order to make these transactions," Thomas said. "We are currently switching the vendor, and that's what created this situation."

That means for the next week or two, customers will not be able to write a check if they're paying at a non-MLGW location, like a grocery store.

"If they still want to pay at these locations, temporarily, they will have to pay on a cash- only basis, and they will be charged a $2 dollar fee," Thomas said.

In the meantime, customers can make bill payments by check for free at any MLGW community payment locations throughout the city.

Watts was still uneasy.

"A lot of people don't have that much access to get downtown to pay their bill," he said. "They can pay it right there in the grocery store when they're doing their shopping and everything, and it'll be an inconvenience for some people."

Thomas said MLGW customers can also make a payment by check through the mail, by phone or online.

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