Man tailed in post office murders charged with separate killing

(WMC-TV) - A man tailed last year by postal service police investigating a double murder in Henning, Tennessee has been charged in connection with a separate killing.

Sammie Haley, 32, was arrested Thursday night in Lauderdale County.  The arrest comes two years after what officials called a gang-related murder, unrelated to the double murder in Henning.

Last November, Action News 5 cameras rolled as Haley and his wife walked through downtown Memphis with their attorney, Robert Hutton, to illustrate just how closely they were being watched by postal service police.

"I can go to the store, they'll follow me into the store," said Haley.  "I'll be outside my sister's house, they'll be outside parked on the side of the road.  At night time, they flash lights through our house."

Haley, who passed a polygraph test in the Henning case, was charged with first degree murder Thursday night along with four others for an unrelated killing from 2009.

Hutton was unaware of Haley's arrest.  He took him on as a client last year in an attempt to get investigators to back off, which they eventually did.

"I'm not currently representing Mr. Haley," said Hutton.  "They just stopped tailing him, then later someone else was arrested and charged with those tragic murders."

A self-described former Vice Lords gang member, investigators said the murder for which Haley is now charged was gang-related and in retaliation for a separate incident.

West Tennessee District Attorney Mike Dunavant is expected to release more information on this case next week.  Haley is being held in the Lauderdale County Jail.

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