Police investigating shots fired after high school football game

(WMC-TV) - Police responded to a shots fired call after a football game at a Mid-South high school Friday night.

Students told Action News 5 the shooting happened at Cordova High School after the team won a game against Jackson North Side High School from Jackson, Tennessee.

The shots rang out just before the band took the field.  Students said people started screaming, "get down."

"That was my first thing, I thought, I know no one's shooting fireworks this time of year.  Who still has fireworks?" asked a neighbor.  "Then he said that was a gun ... and I ran to the window."

Dana Prewitt and other neighbors said they heard five to six gunshots.

"It was loud and rapid," said Prewitt.

The Memphis Police Department said people in a green car fired the shots.  Police later found a green car nearby that was apparently abandoned and towed it away.

"Crime is everywhere," said neighbor Jann Mayes.  "Nowhere's safe anymore.  I really would feel more safe if they would find who did it."

Mayes said once police find the shooter, authorities need to crack down.

"I think we have a real problem with the Juvenile Court system," she said.  "I think it needs to be strengthened.  I don't think we need to look at this as, oh, they're just kids, because if this doesn't stop at this age, it just gets worse."

Prewitt said it was a blessing no one got hit with the crowd of people at the game.

"A bullet does not have a name on it," said Prewitt.

Memphis police have not made any arrests.  They said the investigation is ongoing.

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