FL man diagnosed with rare breast cancer

STUART, FL (WPTV/NBC) - For the last four years, Ray Saez has been waging war against his own body. The Florida man is battling a rare and deadly form of breast cancer.

"I overlooked a pimple, and now I'm fighting for my life," Saez said. "You don't expect something like that to be said to you ever. I don't think anybody ever expects to be told that they have cancer."

Stricken with a very rare form of breast cancer known as "inflammatory breast cancer," Saez says the first signs he was sick were easy to overlook.

"It looked exactly like a pimple," he explained. "I didn't think anything about it. When the third one came up, I figured it would pop, but instead of it popping, it actually inverted my nipple."

The diagnosis was grim. Saez is kept isolated to protect him from diseases, and friends and family must disinfect and wear special clothing when visiting.

His only real hope for a longer and fuller life is with a specialty research clinic in Texas.

"I guess when they saw the type of cancer that it was, and the fact that I was a male, they called me back the very next day and wanted me there two days later," Saez said.

Unfortunately, infections and an already cash-strapped budget left him grounded.

"If anybody has been through this, they know it's just torture for the family," Saez's wife Sharon said. "To watch him go through this for this long, and to know that he's still fighting and he's still strong and that God has still left him here with us is a blessing."

Saez and his family want to make men aware that women aren't the only ones susceptible to breast cancer.

"Be smart. Don't overlook anything, because you never know what it could be," Saez said.

"Men get anything. When your wife does her test, when she checks herself, check yourself at the same time," Sharon said.

If you would like to help, there is an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank under the name Ray Saez. Visit any Wells Fargo branch and reference the "Ray A. Saez Medical Expense Fund," administrated by Sharon Saez.

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