Moose breaks down fence, lounges in family pool

MANCHESTER, NH (WHDH/NBC) - An unsuspecting homeowner was startled when he discovered a moose in his pool taking a dip after plowing through his fence.

The family who owned the pool say they have seen wildlife in their yard before but they never imagined a moose would take out their fence and then fall in their pool.

"I came to this area here and I was faced with this enormous animal facing me with his big eyes, which charged through the fence and two seconds later he was in the pool," said homeowner George Trapotsis.

"As soon as we removed the cover, the moose came up and it was just like a good day under the moon, just swimming around the deep end of the pool."

Police, firefighters and state Fish and Game Department officers were called to the Manchester home Friday night.

"Almost 10 or 11 guys, at 180 pounds each, which would be equivalent to his weight, couldn't even budge him," Trapotsis said.

Rescuers attached a rope to the agitated moose and slowly pulled him out.

"It was a long struggle and he was not a happy camper, that moose," said neighbor Leo Desrochers.

The moose appeared to be in good health when he walked away into the woods.

"As soon as he got his nose at the edge of the opening, he knew he was free and he just went running in the direction he came from," Trapotsis said.

He estimates the moose did about $8,000 in damage but the photos taken during the ordeal made it all worth it.

"Once he came up there, he was just this gorgeous animal sitting up there, tall and pretty," Trapotsis said.

Officials said its breeding season for moose, so it's not uncommon to see them wander into unfamiliar places.

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