Dog survives eating chicken laced with metal pins

PAPILLION, NE (WOWT/NBC) - A lucky dog from Nebraska survived ingesting a piece of chicken that contained straight pins.

Molly, a poodle, was in the backyard of her home on Thursday when owner Kevin Vanden Hull called her inside.

"[I] saw that she was chewing on something. I mean she's chewed on things in the past in the yard, not a big deal, sticks and stuff, but I told her to stop, she came inside," Vanden Hull recalled.

Molly wanted out again 10 minutes later. Vanden Hull followed her this time. He found Molly, snacking on a piece of chicken with straight pins in it.

"If she would have eaten all of the pieces, she would have had like 12 straight pins in her," he said.

Molly ingested four of the pins. Vanden Hull's mother rushed Molly to the vet where an X-ray showed the pins were still in her stomach and hadn't damaged any organs.

"They were just small, small pins, but she's only a five-pound dog and they're like steel, so that's not going to dissolve and they have to come out," Vanden Hull said.

The pins came out and Molly never knew what happened.

Her owners would like to know who's responsible for what could have been deadly for this dog.

"It just makes everyone sick," he said. "Anyone we tell, it just disgusts them. They don't understand why someone would try this."

"Nobody thinks in your own back yard your dog is going to stumble upon something that you don't know about. Something that someone else put there to try and harm your dog."

The family says they're lucky to have caught the dog right after she ingested the pins and vets echo that sentiment.

They also called police and have been told officers will be on the look out to make sure it doesn't happen again.

For now, police don't have any suspects.

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