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Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Good Gone Bad, plus scores

(WMC-TV) - Some of the best behaved establishments in the restaurant biz had a bad week.

Perkins Restaurant, 3455 Poplar Ave. in East Memphis, rated a 72 on its Oct. 6 health inspection:

"cook touching/preparing food items after texting without proper handwashing"

"turkey links (at unsafe food temp)"

"pork links (at unsafe food temp)"

"waste water leak at sink next to dish machine"

"DIRTY" written 7 TIMES to describe store conditions

"A plumber's out here this week to fix the leak," said Perkins' East Memphis General Manager Derrick Bradley. "We're maintaining the proper food temperatures now.

"The employee with his cell phone, he's been reprimanded. They're not allowed to have cell phones in the building. That won't happen again."

Chick-Fil-A, 2849 N. Germantown Parkway in the Wolfchase area, scored a 73 on its inspection Oct. 4:

"DIRTY" written 8 TIMES to describe store conditions

"chicken wrap out of (safe) temp."

"unlabeled cleaner bottle stored with food"

"We left that out as we were cleaning, and that's what messed us up," said the store's day Manager Gale Ammons.

She said a refrigerator malfunction is what caused the temperature issue with the chicken wrap. "We had to pull that unit and get it fixed," she said. "It was not cooling as it should. I'm so sorry about that."

The health department issued Holiday Deli & Ham Co., 7652 Poplar Ave. in Germantown, TN, a 74 on its inspection Oct. 3:

"turkey (at unsafe food temp)"

"chicken salad (at unsafe food temp)"

"tuna (at unsafe food temp)"

General Manager Adam Bartholomew said the temperature violations at his store's line cooler were the result of operator error, not equipment failure.

He said his staff was keeping fresh meat too close to the front of the cooler, where the temperature is higher.

"Things get put on top, they don't get rotated properly, and things just aren't as cold as they need to be," he said. "Quick and easy solution, though:  what we've done is we've moved the meat to the back to make sure that the cold air blows on it on a more consistent basis.

"We check them twice a day, 10 o'clock in the morning and 4:30 in the afternoon, making sure we're getting things into the cooler a lot faster than we have been to make sure our guests feel safe to come eat at Holiday Deli & Ham Co. on a daily basis." 

Germantown's Holiday Deli & Ham Co. boosted its score to an 88 on its Oct. 13 follow-up.


Ellen Soul Food, 634 S. Bellevue Blvd., South Memphis, 97 on Sept. 28 

Dinstuhl's Fine Candies, 7730 Poplar Ave., Germantown, TN, 97 on Oct. 3

Checkers, 631 Sl. Bellevue Blvd., South Memphis, 96 on Oct. 6 

Qdoba Mexican Grill, 2251 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 93 on Oct. 6 

Ralph's Bar & Grill, 5162 Millbranch Rd., Whitehaven, 92 on Oct. 6 

Newk's Express Café, 2200 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 91 on Oct. 6 

Windjammer Restaurant, 786 E. Brookhaven Circle, East Memphis (White Station Area), 91 on Sept. 30 

El Porton Mexican Restaurant, 8361 Highway 64, Wolfchase Area/E. Memphis/Cordova, 88 on Oct. 4 

Royal Panda, 3120 Village Shop Dr., Germantown, TN, 88 on Oct. 5 

Rafferty's, 505 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 88 on Oct. 3 

Coletta's Italian Restaurant, 1063 S. Parkway E., South Memphis, 87 on Oct. 5 

East End Grill, 7956 Winchester Rd., Winchester/Hacks Cross Corridor/SE Memphis, 87 on Oct. 4 

Firehouse Subs, 7505 Highway 64, Lakeland, TN, 87 on Oct. 4 

Italian Rebel Restaurant, 1636 Winchester Rd., Whitehaven, 84 on Oct. 5 

Flying Saucer, 1400 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 82 on Oct. 3

Belmont Grill, 4970 Poplar Ave., East Memphis (White Station Area), 79 on Sept. 30

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