Millington mayor goes back to work after being indicted

Millington Mayor Richard Hodges
Millington Mayor Richard Hodges

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South mayor under indictment for bribery was back on the job Thursday.

The door to Millington Mayor Richard Hodges office was quickly closed when Action News 5 arrived at Millington City Hall Thursday.

We were told Hodges was back at work Thursday - one day after he was booked into the Shelby County jail on two counts of bribery of a public servant.

It was business as usual for Millington Public Works employee Terrance Miller, though he admitted the mayor's arrest has been a distraction for some.

"They don't focus on what they're supposed to be doing every day, and they are worried about who is going to get arrested next, and how much time the mayor is going to serve if any," Miller said.

Hodges' arrest came on the heels of two indictments presented by the state grand jury, both for bribery of a public servant. The indictments allege Hodges accepted a bribe in May and again in June.

One indictment alleges Hodges, "did unlawfully and intentionally while a public servant, solicit, accept or agree to accept a pecuniary benefit on agreement that the public servant's vote, opinion, judgement, exercise of discretion or other action as a public servant would be influenced."

"Me personally, I don't worry about it, because I'm still going to get paid either way it goes," Miller said.

Hodges has hired the services of Memphis law firm Baker Donelson. The firm issued a statement Thursday reminding everyone that the indictment and charges are not proof of any crime, and asked the public to withhold their judgement until Hodges can tell his side of the story in court.

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