"Miss Ole Miss" contest still up in the air after record vote

(WMC-TV) - The top two women competing for the title of "Miss Ole Miss" could be disqualified.

After students set a record number for votes on election day, the race for Miss Ole Miss has become a heated controversy. With the race still undecided, students with the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority are upset their sister, Meghan Litten, didn't bring home the winning crown.

"It was really disappointing and something she wanted for a while," sorority member Katura Finn said.

After neither of the top two candidates in the race received more than 50 percent of the vote in the election, officials announced that candidates Emily Monsour and Mary Alex Street, were found to be in violation of election code.

"Honestly, a lot of girls in this house saw them violating those rules, and kinda thought it was funny because it's easy to violate the rule," Rachel Clark said. "Like, if you're standing too close to a class building, if you're being too obnoxious in general, or if you do something paperwork wise."

During the election, Street received 46.8 percent of the vote, while Monsour received 27.3 percent and Litten got 24.9 percent of the vote.

Clark believes schools leaders haven't released much information on the violations because of an elections committee code, which says: "Proceedings of the Commission on said cases of disqualifications shall not be made public until the full range of appeals has been waived or exhausted."

"Evan Kirkham is the Attorney General of the ASB, and he is not allowed to tell us anything about it until all of the appellate hearings are exhausted," Clark said. "Then he can actually tell us who has been disqualified."

While its a battle that's far from over, Clark says there is still some hope for Litten.

"If both of the other girls get disqualified from the race, Meghan will win by default because she did not violate any of the election policies," she said.

Neither Monsour nor Street could be reached for comment Friday.

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