Charges imminent in sexual assault of teen

(WMC-TV) - Charges are imminent in an alleged forcible fondling during an August football game at Arlington High School.

"Investigations have no time limit," Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Chip Washington said.

According to Washington, three Arlington Middle School boys and one from Bon Lin Middle will be charged with attacking a 14 year-old girl during the game.

"Three of the individuals participated in the act and one committed the act," Washington said.

The mother and father of the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, were outraged by the recent attack on their daughter.

"I'm very angry and I want everyone to know," said the victim's mother.

Four teen boys, ages 12 to 13, face sexual battery charges after they allegedly assaulted the 14-year-old girl.

"She's scared to be in a group of people and she is really disappointed in the people that she thought were there to protect her, to take care of her," said the victim's mother.

The couple said their daughter, an Arlington Middle School student, was talking with friends on August 26 at an Arlington High School football game when she was suddenly attacked from behind and carried to an area of the field where she was assaulted.

"One held her ankles, one held her arms," said the victim's father. "They dragged her off to the side and some other boys got involved and pulled her pants down."

Three of the four juveniles reportedly also attend Arlington Middle School.

"I'm concerned about the safety of our daughter," said the victim's father. "If she has to be around these boys, if they're allowed to return to school. Retaliation, could they harm her again?"

The couple said their daughter has been traumatized by the incident and has also had to undergo counseling.

A Shelby County Schools spokesman said, in part, "Felony charges could result in a suspension of up to 180 days, and any other disciplinary measures taken will be dependent upon court proceedings."

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