Victims rescued after early morning car crash

(WMC-TV) - Three men are recovering after a desperate rescue to extract them from a wrecked car Sunday morning.

Flashing red lights lit up Quince Road near West Crestwood in Memphis just before dawn Sunday as rescuers pried crash victims from this flattened car.

"They were traveling at a high rate of speed and left the roadway and hit a large oak tree," said Battalion Chief Ron Richardson.

Richardson said the impact literally wrapped the car around a tree.

"Two were trapped inside, one escaped," said Richardson.  "We're not sure how, but he got out and was sitting on the curb when we got here."

Rescuers said the moment they saw the scene, they knew it would not be an ordinary extraction.

"As you pulled and tugged and tried to get the car away from them, you didn't want to do any further damage to the other patient," said Richardson.

Richardson said responders came from three different fire stations at the end of a 24-hour shift.  He said the victims were "blessed" with a dream team.

"The officer on that truck is known to do rescues like this," said Richardson.  "In fact, he teaches that across the country.  These young men were very blessed to have this team, including the wing guys and all, to work for one sole purpose, and that was to work to save their lives."

The two men who were trapped were taken to the hospital by helicopter in extremely critical condition.  The third went by ambulance in non-critical condition.

All three victims were in their 20's.

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