Memphis woman charged with leaving animals in house to die

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis woman told authorities she could no longer care for her pets, so she left them in her house to die.

According to DeAngelo Brown, who lives next door, it was hard to miss the commotion in his neighborhood on Goodman Circle late Tuesday afternoon.

"We saw the animal shelter, the police - everybody over here," he said. "Oh man, it was wild out here yesterday, for real."

Police discovered dead six cats and a dead dog inside the house, all surrounded by their own feces.

Authorities described the inside of the house as "unlivable." The owner of the home, Deborah Yons, was arrested and charged with seven counts of animal cruelty.

According to court records, she moved out of the home in 2007 but let the animals remain. The last time she checked on them was three weeks ago. Yons told investigators she had many things going on in her life and could no longer care for the animals. So, she left them in the house to starve and die.

Meanwhile, odors emanating from the house spread out into the street, nearly overpowering the neighborhood.

According to Brown, everyone knew the animals were living there. He rarely saw Yons.

"I only saw here two times over the three years," he said.

Brown was the only neighbor who agreed to speak to Action News 5 on camera. But others were angry, describing the case as pitiful and heartbreaking.

"I feel sorry for the whole situation," Brown said. I tell anybody else out, there please don't do your animals like this...they need to be loved like we need to be loved."

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