Orpheum urges caution when purchasing 'Memphis' tickets online

(WMC-TV) - Several people who thought they were buying tickets to the popular 'Memphis' musical at the Orpheum have instead fallen prey to a scam.

'Memphis' has been a huge hit during its Mid-South run, attracting huge crowds to the Orpheum. Unfortunately, Orpheum president Pat Halloren said Friday, that success is attracting false advertisers.

"All of these secondary marketing schemers have arisen," Halloran said.

According to Halloren, theater-goers are primarily falling victim to online ticket sellers.

"They are misrepresenting the value of the tickets," he said.

Halloren said patrons are paying exorbitant amounts of money for tickets being advertised as prime seating inside the theater.

"Then, when they get the tickets, they're in one of the lesser expensive areas," he said.

The Orpheum is also struggling with copy-cat websites that are luring ticket buyers to third party sellers.

"While they are trying find the website for the Orpheum, they wind up with something similar to the Orpheum because they have created an Orpheum-like website," Halloran said.

The best way to get tickets is by phone, in-person at the Orpheum box office, or through Ticketmaster.

"There's very little we can do except warn the public, and that is what trying to do," Halloran said.

Friday afternoon, there were still 2,000 tickets left for 'Memphis', so there's no reason to get ripped off before the show wraps up its run this Sunday.

Click here to visit the Orpheum's official website: http://www.orpheum-memphis.com/

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